The Luke Walton Era

The Los Angeles Lakes are coming off their worst season in franchise history with a record of 17-65 under former head coach Bryon Scott. It was not a surprise when Mitch Kupchak, General Manger of the Lakers, fired Scott and quickly hired a new coach. What shocked the NBA world, was the selection of Luke Walton the youngest head coach in NBA history. At age 36, he was the hottest commodity on the head coach market. He served as the assistant coach of the Golden State Warriors until head coach Steve Kerr fell ill and Walton took the reins. He surprisingly did very well and his performance led the team to a record breaking 24-0 start to the season. Ultimately, the Golden State Warriors set a 73-9 regular season record.

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                Coach Walton, has been a breath of fresh air for the Lakers. Unlike the former head coach, Walton is perceived as an authority figure and a respected friend. He brings a rare style of coaching that young players and old can relate too. He can joke with them, but draws the line where players know their place. The relationship is built on trust and helps build confidence in the players. Last week it went viral when social media reported Walton played 5-on-5 basketball during practice. This is just one example how his youth allows him to lead by example and at the same time putting himself in his player shoes.

There seems to be excitement in the Lakers camp that has not been felt in the past 3 to 4 years. However, the question remains will Luke Walton bring back the winning tradition of past Lakers teams. Perhaps, the odds are against him and the team, because their youth and inexperience. I believe things will get better for the Lakers and are a few pieces away from being contenders for another championship. What are your thoughts? Do you believe the Lakers will rebound or go bust for another year?


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