Metta World Peace on the court, to on the bench!?

Metta World Peace formally know as Ron Artest, is the Lakers Small Forward and is fighting for a roster spot. The 36-year-old player finds himself in new territory, and has to face reality that he might not make the team. He never thought he would be in this situation after winning a championship with the Lakers in 09’ and being selected as the Defensive Player of the Year in 04’.

However, Ron Artest is not ready to just be an afterthought in the NBA. There is hope he can make the roster before the looming deadline, but if not he will look for another team in the NBA. There is also a possibility to play in China and Italy. This is not a new idea to Metta since he played in China for a short stint a year ago. Additionally, Coach Luke Walton has offered his former teammate a position as a assistant coach if he does not make the roster.

Artest would like to coach one day since he has a strong relationship with several players around the league. He serves as a life coach and mentor, and has helped them develop. Despite the wonderful opportunity to coach, he made it clear before the preseason that he wants to play 3-4 more years. Only time will tell if this legendary player will continue his career as a player, or start his post career as a coach. What are your thoughts? Should the Lakers keep Artest as a player, or as a coach? Let me know what you think!



  1. It’s quite a situation to have to fight for his normal position, in my opinion it sounds like it would be wise for the Lakers to keep Artest on the roster because if they don’t and he finds another team in the NBA he could end up being the Lakers competition, right?

    Though I could see him going to play for China, he would be almost assured a spot there due to his physical advantages compared to Chinese basketball players I believe.

    Great article!


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