Lakers beat Warriors!

With a record of 2-3, the Los Angeles Lakers had a division matchup with the Golden State Warriors. This was the first time these teams met since Los Angeles beat the Warriors last year giving the Warriors their 9th loss out of 10. Surprisingly, last year the Warriors didn’t lose their second game until December 30th! However, the Lakers young players had center stage and did not look back yesterday evening!

Starting in the first quarter the lakers went on a 8-0 run, while Golden State starting the game missing their first 5 shots. As the game went on in the first and second quarter the Lakers got out to a 15 point lead. With 9 minutes left in the half, the Lakers had nine players with 4 to 8 points. That shows you that there is not just one player doing it all and that it is a collective effort. As halftime hit the Lakers had a comfortable lead of 65-49.

This game was a very rare sighting for the Warriors Big 4 (Curry, Thompson, Durant, Green) when it came down to shooting. Being such highly efficient players, it was an overall tough night. Every time the games momentum would begin to shift the Lakers always had the answer. Resulting in a big night for Julius Randle (20pts), Russell (16pts), Lou Williams (18pts) and etc.

The Lakers are 3-3 and now on a two game win streak. It is a good start, considering that they did not reach 3 wins until December 2 of last year. This game goes to show that Luke Walton has all these players believing in his system and what he preaches to them. Next up is the Phoenix Suns on Sunday night. Hopefully we can keep the good fortune going and make it 3 straight wins. What a time to be a Lakers fan!





  1. It’s good to see the Lakers are starting off on a roll this season even without the senior leadership of Kobe Bryant. I’m glad the Warrior’s are struggling a little bit early in the season. This will be a test for them any great team needs to face and be able to overcome. I hope the Lakers continue on there winning streak and player with an intensity that lands them in playoff contention this year.


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