Brandon Ingram

Brandon Ingram, the number 2 overall pick in the 2016 NBA Draft, continues to surprise people with his potential. After the 12th game of this young 2016-2017 NBA season, Luke Walton went on to say that Ingram is a lockdown defender. That is not a phrase Ingram is accustomed to hearing. “I guess that is something I did not focus on coming through College, I have seen it is very important” Ingram stated.

When you listen to Coach Luke Walton in interviews, he goes on to say that he has seen Brandon’s potential as early as during pre-draft workouts. His wingspan is a ridiculous 7-feet-3 and he is continuing to learn how to take full advantage of it. Just like in any sport that involves opponents defending you, it is best to force the opponent in the worst shot possible. Ingram does just that!

Despite only being 19 years old , Coach Walton believes sky is the limit for him. ” Once he full understands it and fully commits to it, he’ll be great at it. To play defense anyway at this level at his age is near impossible to me. These are grown men you are playing against. It normally physically just beats you down. He’s ben pretty good with it.”


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